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Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions along with links to videos that you may find helpful.

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Portal Development Update Notes

PATCH 2.4 (7/26/2021)

  • Added featured to save attendee's information without needing to hit the "checkbox" button. Instead, changes are queued and saved every 30 seconds (or when you hit the circle/arrows icon). You can now make as many changes as you like without having to hit the checkmark on each one.
  • Upgraded e-mail unsubscribe functionality for leads
  • Tweaked attendee table interface for better usability, instructions, and visual appearance

PATCH 2.3 (9/6/2020)

  • Fixed various bugs, tweaked notification statuses

PATCH 2.2 (8/6/2019)

  • Fixed a bug where sorting by source or status would cause some leads to become invisible
  • Fixed a bug where the user statuses were not getting exported into the CSV export file

PATCH 2.1 (7/12/2019)

  • The 'upcoming events' page should now include the current day's event
  • Leads can now be removed from an event, using the "Delete Lead" button
  • Each attendee's status (i.e. 'Called and Confirmed') is now tied to each singular event, instead of having a shared status among all events
  • Text messages now have the ability to just use the lead's first name, instead of full name
  • Each attendee status now has its own colored background
  • When using the 'edit lead' pop-up window, we fixed a bug so that it would no longer send out the RSVP text message when saving changes
  • Fixed some minor bugs affecting adding leads to an event



As of 5/18/2019, we have a launched version 2.0 (beta) of the Ignite Marketing portal. Below you will find a list of improvements.

  • We made general speed improvements to the loading speed of the events. Pages should load faster and you will see a spinning circle while the system tallies up the most recent count of leads for your event.
  • We fixed many small bugs that we found
  • Added a new status for "Unable to Leave Message"
  • Renamed the status "Remove from Future Contact" to "Disqualified/Do Not Contact"
  • When you check a user and click on "edit lead", you will now see the date they were added to the event at the bottom of the dialogue box
  • The event printouts now show the correct status (sometimes it was showing an incorrect status)
  • There is a new "processing" modal window that pops up, preventing any accidental clicks, which would cause the attendee table to freeze
  • You can now see 10, 50, 100 (default) or all attendees on one page instead of having to page through events
  • When using the manual Add Lead feature, you must enter an email address before the Add Lead button displays, which prevents accidental adding of incomplete leads
  • You now have a search box on the attendee table, which allows you to search by name or email.
  • Export Attendees is now a main menu item in the portal, instead of buried in the profile
  • On the Export Attendees page, the event descriptions are more descriptive as to which event they are referring
  • There is now an upcoming events (default), and all events section in the portal, allowing you to see only upcoming events, or see all past events.
  • There is a new pie chart tallying up all lead statuses
  • On the printable version of the event, we removed phone and email columns (to make room), and alphabetized by last name, and included status, motivation, notes, and number of tickets.
  • There is a new column in the attendee table called "source" which allows you to choose the source from whence a lead came
  • There is a new column "#" which designates the number of tickets that an attendee is requesting. Each time they sign up for the event, it will now increment the number of tickets and add a note.
  • Tooltips were added to the column headers

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