Advanced Treatment Options For Osteoarthritis Knee Pain – Free Webinar – Live Webinar

Presented by Health and Stability Spinal Care

on Tuesday July 13th at 6:15pm


“Just live with the pain!”
“It’s time to consider surgery!”
“Just rest. It will get better eventually…”


If you keep hearing this from your doctor, it’s time for a different approach to your knee pain. Are you looking for a completely different approach to healthcare? One that addresses the problem naturally, at the level of cause?


Joint pain is a common, yet extremely life-altering, condition that impacts millions of people each year. Often, patients are told that their only options are pain killers, cortisone injections, or surgery, but our proven and effective therapies are helping joint pain sufferers find true and lasting relief! We offer a solution to joint pain that does not involve surgery or drugs. This informative lecture will empower you and educate you on our techniques.


There are natural, effective options for joint pain. We will help you understand your options so that you can go back to living an active, pain-free life. Tune in to our event to learn more about the science behind what we do.