Autoimmunity & Gut Health: A Functional Medicine Approach

Presented by Access Health Centers

on Tuesday November 19th at 12:00pm


Searching for information on AUTOIMMUNITY and GUT HEALTH? Want to discover how to better manage the underlying triggers so you can function again?

The lecture will focus on autoimmunity and gut health, and will include an opportunity to book an initial appointment with a practitioner.

Whether it is Hashimoto\’s, Graves, Type 1 diabetes, autoimmune skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis), autoimmune gastrointestinal problems (IBD, Crohn\’s, UC), or autoimmune pain conditions (such as Rheumatoid Arthritis), you NEED to hear this information.

If you do not see the condition listed here – that\’s okay! The talk is designed to give you a high-level understanding of a holistic approach to autoimmunity.

Half of the battle is understanding what\’s really going on inside the body. Attend our life-changing talk to uncover a more holistic approach to healthcare.