Thyroid Conditions: A Functional Medicine Approach

Presented by Core Health Solutions

on Thursday October 3rd at 5:30pm


Too often, we’re told to “take a pill” or “learn to accept this is part of getting older.” But there are more natural approaches to a thyroid disorder, hormone imbalance, or complex autoimmune condition. And half of the battle is understanding what’s really going on inside the body.



Come learn about:

  • Thyroid disorders
  • Hashimoto’s or Grave’s disease
  • Autoimmune conditions like Celiac, Lupus, Endometriosis, MS, or another disorder …

Dr. Craig McGiffin D.C. will tell you about how holistic medicine can help with these conditions.  Plus, you will learn…

  • How hormone imbalances – in men and women – trigger the development of belly fat that even diet and exercise won’t remove.
  • Why doctors can’t provide answers to your complex thyroid or autoimmune conditions.
  • How food sensitivities which you may not even realize you have – impact your health.
  • What really works to achieve wellness now – while providing a safer, longer-term approach to a long life in a healthy body.

We will discuss common triggers of thyroid imbalances and autoimmunity, look at potential underlying causes of these disorders, and explore more natural alternatives for calming the imbalance system and restoring balance.