Reversing Diabetes: A Holistic Approach to Health

Presented by Thriven Functional Medicine

on Wednesday August 7th at 5:30pm


Come to this exciting seminar by Thriven Functional Medicine to learn about how functional medicine gets to the root of the problem. If you’re sick of just putting band-aids on big problems and are looking for a completely different approach to medicine – this is it!


The lecture will focus on diabetes and will include an opportunity to book an initial appointment with Thriven Functional Medicine .


Diabetes is a condition that impacts everything about life. Diabetes affects:

  • Mood
  • Weight
  • Sleep
  • Energy levels
  • And more.


Patients are told that if they take their medication every day, they will be fine – but it’s often not enough if you want to truly thrive.


If you’re taking at least one diabetic drug, have been identified as diabetic or pre-diabetic, or struggle with not feeling optimal, this event is for you! There IS hope for a better future.


If you’ve been considering a more holistic approach to your healthcare needs, this is a fun and informative way to learn more about what Thriven Functional Medicine does!