Overcoming Pain and Inflammation: Free Seminar

Presented by Advanced Bodywork & Rehabilitation

on Tuesday July 9th at 11:00am



How You Can Successfully Overcome The Vicious Circle Between Chronic Pain, Systemic Inflammation and Postural Collapse? How Can You Regain A Pain-Free, Fulfilling Quality Of Life?


Want to learn how you can effectively get rid of chronic pain, regain and enjoy your life that was put on hold while doing it without surgery and/or drugs?


Join us for an informal luncheon presentation, where our team of Advanced Bodywork & Rehabilitation will discuss with you our innovative and wildly successful approach of blending medical bodywork with integrative and functional medicine, specifically designed to treat inflammation and chronic pain.

This seminar is ideal for people:

-Who have experienced physical (or emotional) trauma, such as a car accident, assault, or botched surgery.

-Who have a chronic pain condition, such as fibromyalgia or arthritis.

-Who work in highly physical occupation, like a dental hygienist, construction worker, nurse, or teacher, and cannot get through the work day without pain.

-Who love high-action sports and fitness, but want to be able to enjoy these activities without aches and pains.


While you enjoy a tasty lunch, we’ll explore the connections between pain, inflammation, stress, and postural collapse. You will learn what you can do about it to live fully and pain-free again!

About Us
Our mission at ABWR is to help people suffering of various injuries, ailments and soft tissue trauma to efficiently regain their health and to maximize their peak physical and mental potential, so they can successfully resume the pursuit of their goals. We also provide palliative care for people with specific health conditions, including: Cancer, Scarring, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Digestive Disorders, Amputees, etc.

As strong proponents of integrative and functional medicine, we utilize scientifically proven, evidence based therapeutic modalities.

Our treatment protocols take into account the whole person (body, mind and spirit) and make use of all appropriate therapies – both conventional and alternative. In addition, we collaborate with other health professionals to create highly effective functional and integrative healthcare solutions that ensure complete and comprehensive care is delivered to our clients.

To meet our clients’ needs we also work, on a referral basis, we collaborate with naturopaths, chiropractors, allopathic physicians, acupuncturists, physical therapists, hospitals, thermologists and personal trainers, etc.