Stress, Health, and Autoimmunity Seminar

Presented by Naples Vitality

on Wednesday July 3rd at 6:00pm


Searching for information on autoimmunity? Want to discover how to better manage the underlying triggers so you can function again? The lecture will focus on autoimmunity and a more holistic approach to health.


If you are struggling with any of these conditions, you NEED to hear this information.

  • Hashimoto’s
  • Graves
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Autoimmune skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis)
  • Autoimmune gastrointestinal problems (IBD, Crohn’s, UC)
  • Autoimmune pain conditions (such as Rheumatoid Arthritis)


If you do not see the condition listed here – that’s okay! The talk is designed to give you a high-level understanding of a holistic approach to autoimmunity.


Half of the battle is understanding what’s really going on inside the body. Attend our life-changing talk to uncover a more holistic approach to healthcare. Come learn why Naples Vitality is the leader in holistic medicine in the area! If you’re sick of just putting band-aids on big problems and are looking for a completely different approach to medicine – this is it!