Female Hormones Seminar

Presented by Couri and Smyth Health for Life Medical Center

on Wednesday May 8th at 5:30pm


Come to this seminar by Couri & Smyth Health for Life Medical Center to learn about how functional medicine gets to the heart of the problem. If you’ve been suffering with PCOS or Infertility and are not getting the answers and help you need – this is it!

If you are experiencing:

-Ovarian cysts

-Unusual hair growth on the chin, stomach, or breasts

-Weight issues

-Acne or very oily skin

-Problems sleeping and feeling well-rested


-Irregular periods with heavy bleeding

-Pain during ovulation and menstruation

… it could be polycystic ovary syndrome, and this lecture is for you!

The lecture will focus on a functional medicine approach to PCOS and Infertility.

You will learn how the clinic’s team utilizes a truly holistic approach to underlying causes of PCOS and female hormonal imbalances and finally get you the answers you need and deserve!