Inflammation: A Holistic Approach

Presented by Vitality Wellness Partners

Tuesday April 9th at 6:00pm
Vitality Wellness Partners
2809 Butterfield Road #340
Oak Brook, IL 60523

Tuesday, April 9th
Arrival Time: 6:00pm

Vitality Wellness Partners
2809 Butterfield Road #340
Oak Brook, IL 60523

Presented By

Vitality Wellness Partners


Come to this seminar at Vitality Wellness Partners to learn about how functional medicine gets to the root of the problem. If you’re sick of just putting band-aids on big problems and are looking for a completely different approach to medicine – this is it!

The lecture will focus on HORMONES, INFLAMMATION, and CHRONIC PAIN.

Tour our clinic, meet our team, and learn more about how the Vitality Wellness Partners team utilizes a truly holistic approach to effectively and naturally address inflammation, hormonal imbalances, and chronic pain. Signs of inflammation include:

-Aching joints

-Swelling and bloating

-Feeling unwell or fatigued

-Having trouble concentrating and thinking quickly

-Skin issues, like rashes

-Stomach pain

-And more

Most people do not realize that signs of inflammation are merely an indicator of a bigger health issue, which may include:

-gut health issues

-exposure to toxic chemicals over a long period of time

-food sensitivities

-sleep trouble


-autoimmune conditions

-and more

This fun, informative, and useful lecture will focus on the underlying reasons that men and women struggle with inflammation. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about how functional medicine gets to the root of the problem to transform bodies and lives.


Inflammation: A Holistic Approach

Tuesday, April 9th
Arrival Time: 6:00pm

located at:

Vitality Wellness Partners
2809 Butterfield Road #340
Oak Brook, IL 60523


(630) 656-9600 | Clinic Website

At Vitality Wellness Partners, our practitioner’s name is Kori Feldman, a medical doctor with a passion for helping people identify and resolve the root cause of their health issues with a holistic approach. She is board certified in family medicine. Dr. Feldman has spoken at Harvard University and received the Outstanding Holistic Practitioner Award. She has appeared on ABC, NBC and FOX morning tv shows. In addition to working with our clinic’s members, she coaches other doctors in a functional approach to medicine, and is excited to spread this wellness mission and help both patients and practitioners grow, thrive, and ultimately shift the landscape of healthcare in our country.



A lot of what I was doing, my body wasn’t responding well to. Dr. Feldman’s Wellness Program was this breath of fresh air for me. What I learned was a lot of things I didn’t know about nutrition. I learned a lot about managing my stress. It’s shown me that when wellness is important to you, you can keep being the one in charge of your own destiny.


I’m feeling much better after going through Dr. Feldman’s Wellness Program. I was tired and very stressed, and I’ve gone through a lot in my life. I’m going to miss the classes. I would get down and then go to one those classes, and it got me back in there and trying hard.


It’s been a struggle for me. I’ve had a lot of problems with food, my choices in food, and stress. It wasn’t hard for me to choose Dr. Feldman’s Wellness Program. I’ve lost 3 inches from my waistline, and I was wondering why my pants were feeling so loose! It’s been fun, and it’s been the best thing for me. I would refer anybody to this Wellness Program. It’s the best thing for somebody like me. I really needed the direction and people to teach me. It’s been nice and life changing for me, and I’m going to continue on this journey as I’m still not done yet. There’s still a lot of work to do. I’m so glad that I did it. My life has changed drastically.



Our apologies but this event is sold out.

Please give us a call at (630) 656-9600 or visit this page to find out more information.